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Pursuing A Passion

Creating the home of your dreams lies in the hands of Worley Homes By Jillian Chandler

Caleb Worley hasn’t always been in the business of remodeling and building custom homes. His career started out in law, studying for nearly four years and working in business litigation for three. “I remember this not being my dream job but merely pursuing knowing it is a rewarding career,” he recalls.

Caleb had always loved working with his hands and previously worked construction with his father and two older brothers, who are life-long carpenters. “I guess construction has been something that runs in the family,” he smiles. “My father managed a large company, building and finishing out high rises and condominiums in the Seattle area.”

Caleb and his brother Abram worked with their father over the years—something that Caleb truly enjoyed.

He soon realized that it was time to pursue his true passion—that of building custom homes and remodeling old homes into works of art. In 2017, Worley Homes was founded; a family business Caleb established with his brothers Abram and Brandon. And it has remained a family owned and operated company since.

“There’s a saying: ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I think that applies a lot of the time with many of our projects,” Caleb shares.

Over the past six years, Worley Homes has made a name for itself. From residential remodels and custom home builds to commercial build-outs and commercial remodels (they also take on the occasional bathroom, kitchen or deck remodel too), Caleb and his team of professionals will do everything possible to bring your vision to fruition.

“Every project is different, and every customer’s need is different,” affirms Caleb. “We make building and remodeling easy and painless. This is probably because we perform most trades in-house. When we take on a project, we subcontract out very little. We’re essentially performing everything from the foundation to turnkey. This includes the foundation, framing, siding, windows, flooring, tile, decking, cabinets, doors, trim, and more.”

Caleb notes that one of the biggest problems he’s seen homeowners encounter over the years is their project being held up “because the tile guy, floor guy, cabinet installer (insert trade here) hasn’t started the project yet or has a delay of some sort.” At Worley Homes, that is something they don’t have to worry about. Caleb adds, “We still work with other great professionals in these fields who we subcontract work out to, but if something comes up and their schedule doesn’t align with ours, it’s never going to be something that holds our project up.”

Caleb finds this career path he has chosen truly rewarding. “We’ve been blessed with great customers, and many of the relationships we’ve made over the years have turned into multiple projects,” he shares. “I’d say 99 percent of our work is repeat business and word of mouth. And most of our projects are just flat out cool!”

He affirms that, at Worley Homes—which has been ranked the top 1 percent of contractors in Idaho by Buildzoom—they go that extra mile that “everyone wants but very few actually deliver, noting that many projects he’s taken on over the years have been ones that other contractors passed on, whether they were too complex, the weather didn’t permit, or just appeared not doable, for whatever the reason. “Recently, we poured a foundation with 6 inches of snow outside, in freezing temperatures, by building a massive tarp over the build site and running heaters for days before and after the pour to ensure we could get it to cure right,” he states. “One of our less recent ones was a remodel that you could not get into for four months or so out of the year because the road leading to the project was a groomed snowmobile trail. I talked to the team about this before taking the project, and we all agreed we’d make it work by taking snowmobiles to and from the project. We even went as far as having 30-plus windows delivered on a retired military transport that one of the locals owned, just to keep the project going.”

If you’re looking for a company that will go above and beyond to accomplish your home project, remodel or build, let Caleb of Worley Homes lead the way.

Worley Homes, LLC Priest River, Idaho 83856


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