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Open Hearts and Healing Hands

Treat yourself, or someone you love, to a day at the spa

By Jillian Chandler

“We are a beautiful blend of heart and soul, medical and spa atmosphere mixed together,” shares Arla Markael, the woman behind Highlands North Day Spa in Sandpoint.

Serving Sandpoint and surrounding communities since August of 2018, Arla has a passion for healing and for people. “I learned a long time ago that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care—and I have staff that show they care,” she says.

Arla works hard to create a supportive work environment for her staff while taking care of them with a loving approach. In turn, they lovingly take care of each and every client who walks through their doors. “I am constantly bringing myself into alignment with a heart-based approach to all we do and talking about that with my amazing staff to approach their clients with that same heart,” she says.

It was after receiving massage during pregnancy that Arla first fell in love with massage, though, she admits, she was still skeptical about “spa time.” Growing up on a farm in Bonners Ferry bucking hay bales, working on her dad’s sawmill and tending huge gardens, spa time was a “bit of fluff” in Arla’s mind. It wasn’t until after she had purchased the spa (with her previous business partner) that she truly realized what a beautiful—and healing—place that was created.

“I was under some of the worst stress imaginable, working 80-hour weeks and really struggling,” she recalls. “One of my staff practically forced me to do a spa treatment with an exfoliation, mud wrap, and herbal wrap ending in a massage. By the time we were done, I honestly could not remember why I was so stressed, and that bliss lasted several days. I was completely on board! And I am so proud to be in such a healing industry!”

At Highlands North Day Spa, they not only provide massage (hot stone, relaxation, deep tissue and therapeutic, and are adding Medical), facials and anti-aging skin care, but also far infrared sauna, an Anespa mineral shower, which heals skin and hair (like being at the best hot springs on the planet!), and Kangen (high alkaline with minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants) water—which is extremely beneficial and deeply hydrating because of how the ionized molecules respond in the body.

Arla is excited to announce that Highlands North Day Spa is becoming a Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage provider. “This is more amazing that I can express!” she smiles. With more than 40 years of research on this machine, it was almost immediately approved with the FDA once it hit the U.S. just three years ago. Approximately 30 of these machines make it to the U.S. each year—and Highlands North Day Spa has one!

“It is a full-body machine that is like having four to six licensed massage therapists working on your body at once, and the technology is so much more advanced than old-style compression therapy,” she affirms. It’s also phenomenal for weight loss, according to Arla. “I have seen people who have struggled for years (active people with nutrition backgrounds) finally have success!” And it reduces cellulite and scarring, including stretch mark fading. And it’s a must for athletes for injury healing and reduction of lactic acid.

In addition to their wellness treatments, they offer beauty services as well: lash lifts, tints and extensions, waxing, nail and hair care, and more.

Arla is grateful to the community and clients she serves. She takes great joy seeing her clients leave in bliss, “knowing the healing that has taken place in their bodies and hearts.”

“Massage can actually help release pent-up emotions/stress as well as trauma from physical injury that has happened to the body, aiding in healing,” shares Arla. “Just knowing that when someone is on that table they are in the rest and repair brainwave is gratifying. And in the other areas of skin care and beauty treatments, knowing clients feel more confident, beautiful and serene is really amazing!”

Treat yourself, or someone you love, to one or more of the wonderful services offered at Highlands North Day Spa, where Arla and her team are waiting with healing hands and open hearts.

Highlands North Day Spa

1315 Highway 2, Suite 5

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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