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Hot Shots Thermography

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Holistic Approaches to Wellness

By Jillian Chandler

“I began living and treating my family holistically about 11 years ago. I woke up to the dangers of Big Pharma and did not want to participate anymore,” recalls licensed nurse Shelly Rose, owner of Hot Shots Thermography and certified thermographic technician. Cancer is very prevalent in Shelly’s family; she lost her baby brother to brain cancer, grandfather to prostate cancer, most of her family has had skin cancer, and her father is currently battling prostate cancer. Her husband’s grandmother had breast cancer, later passing away from pancreatic cancer. And in 2018, Shelly found herself dealing with yet another breast lump.

“Having been diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease at age 19, I had already been ordered to have five mammograms. At age 40, I decided I no longer wanted the radiation exposure or its cumulative effects, not to mention its risk for causing cancer. That is when I discovered thermography and had my first thermogram,” she remembers. “The thermogram was not abnormal but showed enough that I was urged to get follow-up testing. I went for an ultrasound that confirmed that all was fine. I was relieved to not have another dose of radiation. The thermogram also suggested an imbalance in hormones in my breasts. After confirming this with a further evaluation, I began bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.”

Inspired by her and her family’s health histories, Shelly, along with her husband, opened Hot Shots Thermography—a dream five years in the making that they were finally able to manifest in the summer of 2023.

Hot Shots Thermography is a non-invasive, adjunctive imaging technology known as medical infrared imaging, which visualizes and records changes in the surface skin temperature. An infrared camera is used to produce the visual image, which graphically maps the body temperature and is referred to as a “thermogram.”

“Utilization of surface temperature analysis is appropriate and germane to the practice of health care whenever it is deemed necessary for examination of physiology,” Shelly states. “Just as it is well known that core temperature yields valuable information on the clinical status of a patient, surface temperature has been shown to produce invaluable information on the normal and abnormal functioning of the sensory and sympathetic nervous system, vascular system, musculoskeletal system and local inflammatory processes.”

Conditions where thermography can be beneficial include: • Adjunctive risk assessment for the detection of breast cancer

• Vascular disease

• Rheumatology

• Neuromusculoskeletal disorders

• Thyroid disorders

• Inflammatory conditions

According to Shelly, an abnormal thermogram is the single most important marker for high risk of developing cancer, adding that “an abnormal thermogram is 10 times more significant as a future risk indicator for breast cancer than a first order family history of the disease.”

She also reminds that use of Hot Shots’ medical imaging system is not intended to be the sole test for these conditions but rather an adjunctive tool that may alert the patient’s doctor to areas of concern.

“There’s a time and place for both alternative medicine as well as ‘traditional’ Western medicine, and it’s up to each individual and their doctor to decide which is best and when to access either. Medical freedom is paramount for me. I firmly believe there should be a balance in the world of medicine.”

Nearly 25 years of medical experience, 15 years as a licensed nurse, as well as enduring her own chronic health issues, has provided Shelly a very well-rounded understanding of the different healing modalities and approaches to health and wellness. “My patients not only receive 100 percent safe imaging, but they also receive free health guidance on approaches to individual conditions.”

Shelly is passionate about educating women about the safe options offered through Hot Shots Thermography for health screenings as well as guiding both men and women to reduce their risk for developing cancers. “The peace of mind and clarity that my patients receive without the harmful effects of radiation is priceless,” she notes. “I truly believe that the addition of safe scans saves lives.”

In additional, Shelly works with patients on referrals to functional medicine and naturopathic practitioners, hormonal and environmental toxin testing, nutritional coaching, IV hydration and detox therapies, follow-up imaging at outside clinics, body workers, chiropractors, traditional medicine doctors, and a breast cancer surgeon if the need arises. “They will never leave feeling lost or alone in their wellness journey,” Shelly affirms.

If you are looking for an alternative path in your wellness journey, Shelly Rose invites you to call today.

By Appointment Only

Hot Shots Thermography

801 Pine Street (Inside Freedom Floor Supply Private Showroom)

Sandpoint, Idaho 208.557.1474

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