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It’s Getting Hot Out There

Trust the professionals in keeping your home cool this summer

By Jillian Chandler

July 2021 marks two years since Jesse Thompson opened Freedom Air HVAC in Sagle, Idaho. A small locally owned heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor, Freedom AIR provides both residential and commercial services on all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, specializing in ductless mini-split systems.

Freedom Air not only installs but maintains and troubleshoots issues that arise with their customers’ HVAC systems, they also offer clean air solutions for your home or office, and water heater repair and replacement (including tankless).

Service plans are available to maintain your equipment and prevent unnecessary breakdowns. Servicing your equipment also helps to ensure you are getting the best performance possible from your equipment—as well as longevity. “HVAC systems are a large investment and worth taking care of,” affirms Jesse. “Think of it like your car, except it operates a lot more than your car does. You change your oil in your car, right? Dirty filters and coils are a leading cause of premature equipment failure. In some cases, lack of maintenance can even void a manufacturer’s warranty.”

Jesse is always happy to answer questions and is willing to talk people through simple repairs when necessary. “Let us know what we can do to help you out, and we would be happy to do our best to meet or exceed your expectations,” he smiles.

It was 17 years ago that a friend helped Jesse in securing his first HVAC job. Though the friend would later go on to a new career as a painter, Jesse continued in the field. “I stuck with it because the pay was decent,” he laughs, “but for the most part it was because I liked the work. I love learning new things and challenging myself. You can really surprise yourself when you apply yourself!”

Jesse came to the area several years ago to visit a good friend, falling in love with the area. Born and raised in Boise, he watched the exponential growth of the Treasure Valley “ruin” his home. “Growth is good, but it needs to be managed. I don't like seeing locals priced out of housing markets in the area. It makes you sick a little,” he sighs. It was a major life change in 2018 that led Jesse to North Idaho, as he was in search of something new and different. “I had lived in Boise almost all my life until that point and never came further north than Coeur d’Alene,” he recalls. “Who knew what a wonderful little gem was hiding up here the whole time.”

Since opening Freedom Air HVAC in July 2019, Jesse attributes the success of his business first and foremost to God. “I also have a very supportive and wonderful woman who puts up with my stress and nonsense,” he smiles. “She tries her best to help me stay focused and on task.” He credits the support of his friends, as well as the word of mouth from customers—which has been a huge factor, according to Jesse.

When it comes to assisting his clients in their HVAC needs, receiving feedback from happy customers who are thankful for the work he’s performed is where he finds most fulfillment. Jesse feels privileged to be able to serve the people of Bonner County and to be a part of this special place. “The local people are very open and friendly, and it is great to live somewhere where it is a slower pace and people are willing to help each other out,” Jesse shares. “Even strangers will step forward to help in times of need. It is encouraging for me to see people who still care.” And Jesse is just one of those people.

If you are in need of a new HVAC system, Clean-air solution or water heater, or have equipment that is in need of repair, Jesse invites you to give him a call today. He’s ready to meet—and exceed—your expectations with his experience and professionalism.

Though the month of July, Freedom Air is offering a 15 percent discount on equipment and services on any day that breaks 100 degrees.

Freedom Air HVAC

235 Sunrise Circle

Sagle, Idaho 83860


(Website is currently under construction)

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