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Bonner General Health Foundation’s Find Your Strength Fun Run

Bonner General Health Foundation’s Find Your Strength Fun Run

A Race of Hope and Superheroes

By Damen Rodriguez|Photo by Willow Solly Photography

September 23

In the heart of Bonner County's scenic expanse, the Bonner General Health Foundation's Find Your Strength Fun Run stands tall as a beacon of health and hope. With 2023 marking its second year, it has made itself a vital part of the community, inspiring camaraderie and motivation among its participants.

The Find Your Strength Fun Run is more than just a race; it embodies the spirit of unity and resilience that thrives in Bonner County. The foundation has diligently developed resources and expanded services to cater to the community's unique needs. With the Find Your Strength Fun Run, their goal is to promote fitness while raising awareness about the comprehensive services Bonner General Health provides, securing funds for crucial equipment and services.

The foundation's relentless pursuit of excellence has led to a staggering $1.5 million raised over the years. These funds have been strategically invested in various projects that positively impact the community's well-being. This year's fund raised from the event will go to the purchase of an Exoskeleton, with Bonner General Health the first in the state to offer this therapy. Inspired by a local resident's life-changing experience with the technology, the foundation aims to extend the benefits of Exoskeleton treatment to a broader population. The Find Your Strength Fun Run is the crown jewel of the foundation's endeavors. More than a fundraiser, it promotes health and wellness, offering participants "Couch to 5K" training tips and nutritious recipes. The event also serves as a ray of hope for those seeking treatments to restore mobility and enhance strength.

As the eagerly anticipated race date of September 23 approaches, the community's anticipation for the Find Your Strength Fun Run runs high.

This joyous 5k and superhero-themed 1k run, commencing and concluding at Sandpoint City Beach, offers a captivating backdrop to the noble cause. As the finish line approaches, a sense of accomplishment pervades the air, mingling with the joyous cheers of supporters. The Find Your Strength Fun Run paves the way for a brighter and healthier future for all. With hearts united, participants lace up their running shoes and become champions of change, advocates for better health care and beacons of hope for those in need.

To participate in this year’s Find Your Strength Fun Run, register online at

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