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7B-IV Trinity Wellness Center Focuses On The Art of Functional Medicine

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

7B-IV Trinity Wellness Center

Healing the Body Naturally By Jillian Chandler|Photo by Adair Media Group

Melinda and Barrett Adams, owners of 7B-IV Trinity Wellness Center, welcomed the community to join them on July 29 for the Grand Opening of their beautiful new clinic in downtown Sandpoint. What began as a mobile IV service, then a small brick-and-mortar, has become more than the couple could have ever dreamed of. And the journey was inspired by their daughter, Trinity.

Melinda and Barrett welcomed Trinity Melinda Adams to the world on February 13, 2002. Born with a rare heart condition, the hospital would be her home for nearly two-and-a-half years. She endured various procedures, including four open heart surgeries—passing away after her final heart surgery in 2007. Trinity was laid to rest at just 5 ½ years old.

Melinda made the conscious choice to turn the heartbreak of losing her daughter into healing.

“This life and death experience with our daughter is what truly gave me the drive to become a nurse,” Melinda reflects. “I am a nurse in honor of my daughter.” After completing nursing school, Melinda worked in a variety of nursing fields over the years, including medical surgery, telemetry, PACU recovery, emergency department, labor and delivery, postpartum, and operating room/surgery.

She and Barrett made the move to Sandpoint two-and-a-half years ago, and Melinda joined the team at Bonner General Hospital. It was during this time that she recognized a need for a mobile nursing care service. “This is when I knew that the Lord had other plans in store for my family and me,” she recalls.

In March of 2022, 7B-IV, a mobile IV business, was launched. “Being a nurse in the art of functional medicine immediately became my passion,” Melinda smiles. “The body is a beautiful, natural, organic creation from God, and it has a very strong natural ability to heal itself. This is why I do what I do now.”

7B-IV immediately saw success within those first few months, with Melinda’s clientele continuing to grow. In September 2022, she and Barrett opened their 500-square-foot full-time clinic in downtown Sandpoint. As their space expanded, Melinda’s passion for natural healing did as well. She realized that Sandpoint needed a full healing wellness center with medical-grade equipment to truly help patients with the science of functional medicine.

The Adams were blessed with the opportunity to purchase a clinic downtown, and after renovations, they officially moved into their new wellness center in June 2023. Today, 7B-IV Trinity Wellness Center focuses on the art of functional medicine, not only offering IV services but full-spectrum healing redlight saunas, a Halotherapy salt chamber for respiratory care, medical-grade redlight therapy bed, bio-identical hormone therapy, as well as a full blood draw/lab service. “Our clinic is also giving access to medical doctors of naturopathic/functional medicine, breast cancer surgeon/specialist, mental health therapy specializing in trauma, medical massage therapy, as well as a legal nursing specialist,” Melinda shares. “We have lots of desires and dreams that we would like to add, all of which provide the Sandpoint area with the treatments that will truly help patients return back to optimum health using the functional medicine approach.”

If you’re ready to start your healing journey in a loving, transparent, respectful, welcoming environment, call Melinda today.

7B-IV Trinity Wellness Center 420 North 2nd Avenue Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.217.1877

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