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Working Hard for Clients and Treating Them Right

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Sandpoint real estate brokerage rooted in community By Jillian Chandler

Paul Reizen, his wife Julie and their four boys moved to Sandpoint for the same reason so many people do—because it is one of the greatest small towns in the country! After first visiting Sandpoint as a family nearly 10 years ago, they quickly realized that they wanted to be a part of this special community and raise their children here. They officially made the move to Sandpoint in the summer of 2019.

Paul and Julie worked at a local brokerage for three years before opening their own brokerage—48th Parallel Realty—which has flourished since opening in August of 2022. Named after the 48th Parallel, a circle plane of latitude that is 48 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane, it is also home to spectacular Sandpoint, Idaho. “And we think it is the latitude to live in,” Paul adds.

Before venturing into real estate, Paul was a prosecutor for 15 years, in which he handled complex cases. So, what led him to pursue a career in real estate? “I have always loved real estate. I think it is part of the American dream to own property,” he says. “It is one of the few investments you can actually work on and increase its value.”

Years ago, before meeting his wife, he bought a condo, fixed it up, and sold it for a profit, allowing him to purchase a small home. He sold the home when he and Julie married, and the couple bought a distressed home at the top of their budget and began the process of fixing it up. “We stretched a bit financially and actually took on two roommates in order to afford the improvements we wanted to make to the property,” recalls Paul. “After some time, we completely transformed the home and property, and also had our first two boys there. When it was time to move on as our family grew, we sold the home and almost doubled our investment. It wasn’t easy, but our hard work and patience fixing up our home allowed us a great deal of financial stability, not to mention some incredible memories. I love helping clients experience the joy of having their own home and all the benefits that come along with home ownership.”

Growing up, Paul’s father was a contractor and taught him the value of working hard and treating people right. “These are simple concepts, but sometimes it’s hard to find brokerages that do both,” according to Paul. “At 48th Parallel, working hard for our clients and treating them right is what has made us successful.”

Paul and Julie are joined by real estate agent Ty Hall. Ty’s experience with real estate began in 2007 managing vacation rentals. In addition to his work at 48th Parallel, he and his wife Ailsa own and operate a property management company that services the property owners of Sandpoint. “We are passionate about helping locals find affordable rentals to live in and creating amazing vacation rental experiences for those looking to visit this special area,” Ty affirms.

Paul believes it’s their team’s extensive professional experience outside of real estate that sets them apart from other brokerages. “Both my wife and I are lawyers, with a combined legal experience of 33-plus years. We live and breathe contracts and negotiations. Ty has his doctorate in psychology, and his career required a specialized skill set in identifying and treating problems, which translates easily to real estate.”

Not only does the 48th Parallel team help clients buy and sell properties, but Paul believes one of their greatest services afforded to their clients occurs before and after the sale. “We have teamed up with a great group of service-providers to help sellers get their homes ready for sale, and to help buyers take care of issues that inevitably come up with owning a home. Whether it is a plumbing problem, finding a well driller, or building an addition, our service team takes care of our clients quickly and affordably.”

Helping clients realize their dreams is what 48th Parallel Realty is all about. “Whether it is residential property, waterfront, that unique homestead, or vacant land, we love helping clients find their dream home here in North Idaho,” affirms Paul. “There is no greater pleasure than giving clients the keys to their new home or helping them sell their existing home so they can move on to their next adventure!”

If you are looking to buy or sell, and ready to take on your next adventure, 48th Parallel Realty will help you on the journey.

48th Parallel Realty 208.610.1486

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