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The Most Beautiful Small Town in America

Most people who have found their way to Sandpoint know the city’s most recent claim to fame ... it’s the reason many first heard about Sandpoint and decided to visit or move here in the first place. In 2011, our small town on the lake made national news by being named America’s Most Beautiful Small Town by Rand McNally and USA Today.

The decision came after “The McNavigators” stopped in Sandpoint on their trip to six cities across the U.S. that had been voted in by readers and followers across the country for their exceptional beauty and offerings. The team duo came, they explored, and Sandpoint won them over. To those of us who live here, it’s no surprise. Nothing is more beautiful than a sunrise or sunset over the lake in our small town, or swishing down the slopes with the view of Lake Pend Oreille below.

Curious which cities we were up against? Baker City, Oregon; Coral Gables, Florida; Franklin, Tennessee; Marco Island, Florida; and Pacific, California, joined Sandpoint in the top six.

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