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Reimagining Modern Nursing Care

Rest and recover with peace of mind By Jillian Chandler

LanteRN Health Consulting

“My passion is to provide holistic care to each and every one of my clients, to get to know them, and to listen with my heart to what barriers they have to healing,” shares Kelli Hansen, owner of LanteRN Health Consulting.

Opened in October of 2022, LanteRN Health Consulting offers nursing packages, both short term and monthly, that include ongoing support for the client—and their family.

“Clients who either have a planned surgery or those who may have been in an accident and are recovering from one or multiple traumas can utilize my services in a number of ways,” Kelli shares. “I offer a perioperative package that includes a consultation, pre-op preparation appointment, accompaniment the day of surgery and in-home support for either a few hours or days after discharge.” Additional a-la-carte services include in-home triage for out-of-town guests, IV hydration, wound care, suture removal and much more!

If a client is experiencing complex medical diagnosis or chronic health issues, LanteRN Health Consulting offers monthly services, providing clients weekly in-home wellness checks that include a comprehensive health assessment, vital signs, medication management, medical record keeping, communication and care navigation with providers, as well as transportation to appointments and companionship during hospital stays or outpatient treatments. Services can also be customized to meet the needs of the client, whether it be respite care for a family caregiver who needs some time away to rest and recharge, supporting families with a new baby as a night nurse, or even accompanying clients on trips so families can relax and connect, knowing their loved one’s health is in qualified hands, all while preserving healthy and balanced family dynamics.

“I truly desire to connect with each client I serve and treat them like I would like my loved ones treated. I bring a commitment to professionalism, accountability, compassion, integrity, and hopefully a good dose of laughter to all I serve,” says Kelli.

LanteRN is truly in a league of its own. Described as boutique-style concierge nursing—part of a new wave of health care that is gaining popularity across the country—LanteRN is reimagining modern nursing care. “Home health agencies offer similar services but are limited, since they can only provide the prescribed service that insurance has authorized. Additionally, some home health agencies are unable to get to a client due to their location,” affirms Kelli. “As an independent concierge nurse, I have the unique ability to offer nursing support for the whole person, and I do not have constraints on my time or the distance to meet a client. I can work in collaboration with home health agencies to offer clients additional support as needed.”

Kelli, a Sandpoint native, completed her training as a certified nursing assistant and began working at Bonner General Hospital in 2004. She was involved in designing and opening Luther Park at Sandpoint in 2008 as well as the Pend Oreille Surgery Center in 2009. “The experience gained in those years was instrumental in my passion for innovation and leadership within the health-care community,” she states. In addition, her husband Jarrod enlisted in the Army in 2011 as a combat medic, which took the couple to Oklahoma and Texas, where Kelli had the opportunity to grow even more in different environments such as small rural hospitals, large health systems, as well as privately owned specialty hospitals and clinics.

She was inspired to open her concierge nursing service after several years at the “bedside” of patients working as a post-op nurse, where she helped patients recover from surgery, providing education and instructions for when they went home.

“Oftentimes, patients would ask me, ‘Can I just take you home with me?’ Initially I laughed it off and felt honored by such a sweet compliment. After some time, I began to wonder, ‘Why can’t they?’ Nurses are uniquely equipped to utilize the nursing process in a variety of environments and are experts in identifying possible obstacles to recovery. Not to mention we are chock full of nifty tips and tricks to make life easier while recovering from a surgery or illness.”

LanteRN Health Consulting was born “to illuminate and correct the obstacles on the path to healing so that patients don’t fall through the cracks so common in our standardized methods of care.” Kelli believes in creating lasting relationships and bridging the gap between patients and providers, as well as being a resource and advocate to help clients live to their fullest potential.

When it comes to what Kelli finds most rewarding about her work, it is when a client feels empowered to take responsibility for their health. “With guidance, support and education, clients feel less fear/stress related to their health, and that makes room for living a more joyful and peaceful life. Sometimes just having that added positive support makes all the difference!” she smiles.

While the nursing services offered by LHC are not currently covered by insurance, they are able to accept Health Savings/Flexible Spending funds, as LanteRN is a qualified nursing service.

If you or a loved one is looking for a private concierge nurse who will partner with you to guide and comfort in your time of need, reach out to Kelli today.

LanteRN Health Consulting 208.254.0256

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