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Real Estate on the Rise

New data shows just how popular North Idaho is for homebuyers

By Taylor Shillam

While the rising demand in the regional housing market is nothing new, more information continues to emerge as North Idaho locals navigate an influx of movers to the area.

Recently, highlighted hot housing markets very close to home for Sandpoint, naming Coeur d’Alene the eighth-hottest housing market in the nation for February 2021. Spokane ranked just behind it as the 10th hottest market.

With a significant jump from last year’s number 62 spot on the hotlist, up to its current place in the top 10, the Coeur d’Alene area shows no signs of slowing down in drawing in movers and homebuyers.

A popular destination for those looking simply looking for a change of pace to celebrities, with sightings from Kim Kardashian to Justin Bieber generating buzz throughout the year, North Idaho is the not-so-hidden gem that more and more people are ready to claim a corner of.

In fact, the KLIX radio station based in Idaho Falls reported last month that 1,000 people move to Idaho daily. Of course, Sandpoint is no exception from this influx.

With the housing market steadily on the rise over the past year, the statistics are no real surprise. Even still, seeing new numbers reflecting the reality of the housing market packs a bigger punch with a new level of perspective on just how busy it’s becoming.

From its market research, named several locations “secondary cities”—cities like Portland, Maine, Pueblo, Colorado, and, of course, “a slew of zip codes in North Idaho”—that have become movers’ most sought-after destinations. Larger metro cities are noticeably moving down in market rankings as buyers continue to prioritize space and affordability in these areas that offer less hustle and bustle while still remaining close to major hubs.

According to Housing Wire, Zillow researchers claimed millions of additional households could enter the market this year. As lifestyles continue to adapt in the midst of the pandemic, spending more time at home has inspired many to completely relocate their home base—and with its lake access and undeniable natural beauty, it’s no surprise North Idaho has lured in many of those prospective buyers.

The influx of movers has driven the sales of North Idaho’s high-end and high-priced homes, with more homes selling in the $1 to 2 million dollar range than ever before. As high-budget homes have become the norm and first-time buyers’ price points rise to new heights, the question becomes how to best navigate the current market.

Despite North Idaho’s housing market remaining in the realm of high demand and low inventory for at least the near future, locals who are ready to buy or sell in the area can start now, with a proactive approach. Staying on top of research and building strategic partnerships with real estate experts can make all the difference in making your local house hunt a successful, even enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in 2021, having a realistic perspective of the market is the first step. By staying on top of current trends, you’ll have the ability to make the best, most educated decisions as you move forward in finding a house you love.

The next step is teaming up with a realtor who can stay in tune with your goals and provide expert guidance to help you best navigate the market to reach those goals.

Partnering with realtors who truly know the local marketplace, have access to the most current information and understand how to use that information to best support their clients will prove invaluable this year.

Do your research and identify local teams or agents who have been recently active near the areas you’re looking to buy or sell in, to secure the guidance of a professional who knows the details of what’s available and realistic for your needs. Be assertive about having conversations, holding interviews and asking the right questions.

Statistics are showing the housing market is booming—but not impossible to navigate. With the right approach, even a house hunt near the hottest markets can result in a big win.

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