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Farmers in Farmin?

farmers in farmin park

Today we enjoy wandering the local Farmers’ Market in Sandpoint, downtown Farmin Park on 3rd and Main streets, but despite its applicable name, many newcomers to the area may be curious to know the park is not named for its market use and the many farmers who populate its boundaries on Saturdays and Wednesdays each spring and summer. In fact, it is named after one of Sandpoint’s founding families, the Farmin family, who donated the half-acre parcel to the city for public use.

The Farmins first arrived in Sandpoint in the late 1890s to work for the Northern Pacific Railroad and claimed 160 acres just west of Sand Creek through the Homestead Act. Today, that area is the home of Sandpoint, many of whose downtown street names and early community buildings and schools were created by the Farmins. In fact, Ella Mae Farmin is considered by many as the civic mother of Sandpoint.

Improvements in the park have been furthered by other community members: The Hawkins family (Litehouse) donated the bandstand, and improvements like sidewalks, pathways and a clock tower were provided by the Sandpoint Rotary Club.

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