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Cozy Convenience

The year that the Sandpoint sidewalk became firewood

Brought to you by the Bonner County Historical Society & Museum

Cozy Convenience

Nowadays, the sight and smell of smoke drifting from a home evokes a romantic and cozy scene. Although, there was a time when all residents of Sandpoint, and others around the world, relied on this one source for warmth and cooking.

Before access to gas and electricity, wood stoves were necessary staples of the home. Anyone who has owned one knows there is nothing like the primitive warmth of a fire in your home, but it is hard work to keep the hearth fed.

Until 1919, all of Sandpoint was navigated via wooden-boarded sidewalks. When those were replaced with advanced concrete sidewalks, the boards were thrown to the side.

These retired sidewalk planks did not go to waste. The citizens of Sandpoint brought wagons and wheelbarrows, filled them up with the wood, and wheeled them back home. They were thrilled to have free, pre-cut wood to fill their sheds at their fingertips.

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