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Community At The Heart

Community At The Heart

Photo courtesy: Owen Aird.

“We love becoming a part of our local communities,” smiles John. “One of my favorite things as I go from restaurant to restaurant to work is seeing the faces of friends I’ve made over the years and having a chance to chat. It’s not uncommon these days for me to be friends with the adult children of guest who I became friends with at a particular restaurant decades ago.”

1996. That’s when it all began when friends John Grollmus and Brad Fosseen sought out to open their first restaurant, where they wanted to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere where guests would feel at home and provided an exceptional experience every time.

More than 23 years later, their philosophy has never wavered, and Moon Time continues to provide their guests with familiar faces, great service, a comfortable atmosphere, and great food and drinks at a reasonable price.

When you walk into Moon Time, you’ll find a staff that is knowledgeable, friendly, fast, accommodating and efficient, and John credits them for Moon Time’s longtime success: “Our manager, Chris Schultz, has worked there all but two months of its 23-plus year existence. He knows more about the place than I will ever know. Additionally, he’s just one of three 20-plus year employees working there, and there are several more who aren’t too far behind. Collectively, the staff there is the best you’ll ever find, and they make the place what it is.”

The menu, from the start, has featured creative and upscale pub food, made to order from scratch, bringing a variety of items from many different cultures together, paired with a carefully selected 19 beer handles and a wide variety of wines, chosen specifically to complement the food.

Over the years, John and Brad would open five more successful neighborhood restaurants: The Elk, El Que, Two Seven and Geno’s in Spokane; and The Porch in Hayden Lake.

When it comes to what John finds most rewarding about the family of restaurants they’ve built, he responds, “This is a no brainer. It’s providing good jobs to so many people. It’s extremely rewarding to help people be able to live happy and healthy lives, start families and grow roots in their communities.”

Moon Time East Coeur d’Alene 1602 E. Sherman Ave. #116 208.667.2331

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