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The White House Grill & the Oval Office Bistro and Martini Bar

the white house grill & the oval office bistro and martini bar

THE WHITE HOUSE Raci Erdem, chef and owner, has been bringing the flavors of the Mediterranean—and its garlicky goodness—to eager diners for more than two decades, and guests continue to fill restaurant seats to partake in the cuisine.

Serving the Post Falls community for 21 years, The White House Grill offers a comfortable and relaxed family friendly environment, where patrons of all ages are invited to take a seat at this fun and loud—but by no means obnoxious—restaurant. Mediterranean music fills the air, as does the aroma of garlic. Seafood, vegetables, pasta and lamb dishes fill the menu, complemented by a full bar featuring handcrafted cocktails, 12 beers on tap, an extensive wine list featuring many wines from Walla Walla, and a beautiful scotch list, hand selected by Raci himself.

Raci looks forward to guests coming into the restaurant, not just for the food and drink, but to enjoy the overall experience The White House has to offer. “Our job is to put you in a great mood with some cool music, delicious food and awesome drinks, all for a great value that you won’t find at any chain restaurant,” he says.

Since day one, The White House Grill has offered the same freshness, quality of food, good prices and fun environment. And every year since first opening, the seats continue to be filled. “Our goal is to continue just that and have another beautiful 21 years,” says Raci.


With the success of The White House Grill, Raci decided it was time to open a second restaurant, and The Oval Office was born in 2006. Here, the cozy, romantic bistro-style eatery is loud and busy, bustling like a big-city restaurant with an upscale appeal.

Here, patrons can appreciate flavors from around the world with the small plate and entrée offerings. Start your night off right with the baked brie in filo with spicy basil honey; the Mediterranean-style clams are a must! Combined with the great steaks, seafood and ever-changing fresh fish selection, there’s something to appeal to any taste, and guests keep coming back for more. The menu stays consistent throughout the year so guests know that the next time they return, they will always find the same great food. Don’t be surprised though … you may just find a few new item on the menu.

When it comes to libations, guests will be treated to a full bar featuring great beer, wine and specialty cocktails. They offer a varying cocktail list, introducing new martinis regularly. Unlike any other martini list, it features politically inspired specialty martinis. From the New Yorker, a

classic Manhattan made with Maker’s Mark premium Kentucky bourbon, to the President, a Bombay Sapphire gin shaken and served with olives—a perfect fit for the Oval Office, there’s something on the menu for anyone looking for a good martini … and a good time!

The Oval Office is known for its happiest of happy hours in the Northwest, offered twice daily: 3 to 6pm and 8 to 11pm. With all martinis and appetizers offered at a fraction of the price, it’s the best time to head over to The Oval Office.

The community fireplace on the large outside patio can seat 12 around it, where guests have the option to dine and imbibe outside. A new European-style awning was recently added to allow patio dining year round!

This American bistro with a foreigner chef touch is reason alone to take a drive to Post Falls and make a visit to The Oval Office. Martini anyone?

The White House Sample Menu:


Traditional köfte (seasoned ground beef) grilled and set over seasoned rice, topped with feta, tzatziki and lemon onion relish, served with green beans

Curried Chicken Ravioli

Chicken, spinach and florentine ravioli in a rich curried parmesan cream sauce


Humus and fresh chopped vegetables tossed in light balsamic vinaigrette, served on a pita with feta cheese


A flat-iron steak marinated, grilled and served with patates kizartma and garlic green beans


Grilled Chilean sea bass, tiger prawns and curry chicken placed over house rice, served with garlic green beans

The Oval Office Sample Menu:

Naughty Sea Bass

Marinated Chilean sea bass drizzled with caramelized Frangelico walnut glaze


An Oval Office classic! Prawns, scallops, swordfish, mussels and white beans simmered in spicy tomato-basil broth, served with grilled rustic bread for dipping

Presidents Mac & Cheese

Penne pasta smothered in our rich and creamy cheese sauce with diced chicken, tender pieces of bacon and garlic, baked until golden

Indian Pizza

Naan bread topped with curry sauce, chopped walnuts, parmesan cheese and grilled chicken, then finished off with a drizzle of spicy honey sauce

Bacon Cheeseburger

Yes! We finally have bacon on our menu! House-ground burger topped with Tillamook cheddar cheese, served on a brioche bun with jalapeno bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo

The White House Grill Post Falls 712 N. Spokane St. 208.777.9672

The Oval Office Bistro & Martini Bar Post Falls 620 N. Spokane St. 208.777.2102

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