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Fisherman’s Market, Grill & Sushi Bar

Fisherman’s Market, Grill & Sushi Bar

When you first enter Fisherman’s Market, Grill and Sushi Bar, you feel like you’ve been transported to the Pike Street Market in Seattle. Conveniently located at 215 West Kathleen Avenue makes Fisherman’s Market the easy and smart choice for finding high-quality seafood; sure beats a drive to the coast!

This is the only place in Coeur d’Alene where you can sit down, enjoy a fresh seafood meal with a cold beer or glass of wine, and then bring home the freshest seafood and prepare it at home for yourself or a dinner party later. A huge glass cooler displays the wide selection of wild-caught fish, shellfish and in-house smoked fish, with fresh fish overnighted from Hawaii. Restaurant menu items feature fresh catches, and among the most popular are fish tacos and the crowd-pleasing sellout—the coconut-crusted snapper special. From calamari and eel to salmon, tuna and shellfish, Fisherman’s Market has it all. Shop, dine and take out, all at Fisherman’s Market.

With their full sushi bar, the freshest wild-caught fish at the counter has drawn fans from around North Idaho offering a quick sushi lunch, perfect on a shopping excursion or during a busy work day. The sushi menu has all the regular favorites and a few local creations such as the Idaho roll—containing salmon, green onion, avocado and cucumber. Not only can you enjoy sushi in the restaurant, but you can call ahead and have them build a custom platter to take home as well!

Skip the six-hour drive to Seattle and enjoy the same fresh fish right in town. Stop by the Fisherman’s Market, Grill and Sushi Bar, open Monday through Saturday 11am to 8pm, to fulfill your seafood and sushi fix!

Fisherman’s Market

North Coeur d’Alene

215 W. Kathleen Ave.


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