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Blending the art of massage, bodywork and fitness to keep you moving forward

By Jillian Chandler

Celebrating a year in business in Sandpoint this July, owners Kelly and Ken Emerson of Momentum Medical Massage and Fitness Studio are excited to continue providing their superior services, knowledge and experience to the community.

The energetic couple decided to blend their passion for fitness and Kelly’s love for massage and bodywork under one roof. Ken and Kelly have been involved in the fitness industry since 2005 when they opened their first fitness studio in Vancouver, Washington. After visiting Sandpoint for many years, they made the decision to relocate to the area in 2012. “Kelly and I grew up in Vermont and wanted our children to experience the small-town lifestyle that we grew up with,” says Ken. “We are outdoor recreation enthusiasts and Sandpoint was the perfect fit for our family.”

Soon after moving to Sandpoint, Kelly began working and training at Sandpoint West Athletic Club (the Y). While training for national Spartan obstacle course races, Kelly began suffering from overuse injuries that halted her training efforts. Seeking relief from a massage therapist, she was amazed to find that with only a few sessions her pain had been significantly reduced and her functioning returned to normal. She realized that her clients could also benefit from massage therapy, so in 2016 Kelly attended North Idaho Massage Academy and became a licensed massage therapist.

With Ken’s experience in business management, their combined love of fitness and Kelly’s newfound love of massage therapy and bodywork, Momentum was born! Like all professions, massage therapy and personal training must follow certain Scope of Practice Guidelines. “By being certified and trained in both, we are better able to serve our clients and help them actively improve their overall functioning in their bodies both in the massage treatment room and in our fitness studio,” says Kelly.

Momentum is one of just a few practices in Sandpoint that accepts Health Insurance and treats clients who have been involved in motor vehicle collisions and work-related accidents. They work with physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists that will prescribe massage therapy and refer their patients to Momentum. This creates a team effort to help treat a variety of health-related issues, chronic pain, sports injuries and overall general wellness.

“We see every person as unique, and we work hard to ensure their treatment best meets their individual needs. Our LMTs use a variety of modalities including Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, TMJ treatments, Cold Stone Headache/Migraine Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release,” Kelly explains.

Ken and Kelly are excited to see their son Aidan following in their footsteps. “It’s a dream come true,” smiles Kelly. “Through our experience, he has witnessed and been a part of our fitness journey. He has joined us in many Spartan races and takes care of his body through fitness and nutrition.” Aidan is currently attending NIMA and will graduate this summer as an LMT. He’s a trainer at Momentum and works at the front desk.

In addition to massage therapy, Momentum has a 900-square-foot functional fitness training studio that incorporates the latest in fitness technology and state-of-the art functional training equipment. They offer personal training as well as small group training and indoor cycling classes. Our fitness programming is created by our personal trainers and is designed so people of most ages and fitness abilities can participate in the same workout and reap the same benefits. “All of our members say it is a game changer for keeping them on track with their fitness goals,” says Ken. “The technology not only holds clients accountable but also ‘gamifies’ the fitness experience and is extremely motivating.”

At Momentum, The Emersons are honored to serve this incredible community. "To witness the power our bodies have to work hard, to push beyond our comfort zones and to assist in the body's ability to recover and heal from pain and injury," says Kelly, "it's an absolute blessing every day!"

Momentum Medical Massage and Fitness Studio

1013 Lake Street

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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