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What Is It and What Should You Do …

When Sciatica Strikes!

By Mindy Murray, Occupational Therapist, Kauai Therapy & Wellness

Sciatica Pain Kauai Therapy

With 40 percent of the population expected to suffer from sciatica during their lifetime, it’s important to know what it is and what to do … when sciatica strikes.

If you are affected by sciatica, you will already know how debilitating the pain and discomfort can be and how unexpectedly it can arrive, whether you’re sitting, standing, moving—even when you’re sleeping!

Top Three Causes Why Your Back Pain is Screaming for Help!

1. Herniated Disc. A herniated disc refers to a problem with one or more of the rubbery cushions (discs) between the individual bones (vertebrae) that make up your spine. This may result in pain, numbness or weakness in your arm or leg. Pain may be described as tingling, numbness, burning sensation down the leg.

2. Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Stenosis. This is the narrowing of the open spaces within your spine to your arms and legs. Symptoms of spinal stenosis may include pain with long periods of standing and walking, and pain that comes on with standing and walking and relief is brought on from sitting.

3. SI Joint/Pelvic Dysfunction. This is the inflammation of one or both of your sacroiliac joints—situated where your lower spine and pelvis connect. Sacroiliitis can cause pain in your buttocks or lower back and can extend down one or both legs. Prolonged standing or stair climbing can worsen the pain.

How to Stop Your Back from Screaming! A Few Remedies for Sciatica Pain:

1. The Revolutionary 830 Cold Laser. Cutting-edge technologies such as cold laser therapy, electrical stimulation and electromagnetic pulse eliminate pain, speed up healing and depolarize painful nerves. Furthermore, influencing pain modulators (stress, anxiety and sleep) gives successful pain relief with no pain medication.

2. Multifunctional Movement Therapy. This therapy stops pain, increases strength, confidence and agility through specialized movements proven to rapidly resolve sciatica pain and other issues.

3. Dry Needling Therapy. Dry Needling is a very effective form of manual therapy that uses very thin needles inserted in your muscle tissue. Many conditions that were traditionally hard to treat including sciatica pain are now treated successfully by Dry Needling.

All of these natural healing options, including cutting-edge technology, are provided in one package at Kauai Therapy & Wellness - Ponderay.

Want to Learn More?

• How to correct the cause of your pain and speed up the healing process without relying on medications, injections or surgery. (One of these techniques I’ll share, and it takes only three minutes to do it on your own every day. Patients can’t believe how much difference it can make.)

• How to prevent your back from getting worse and avoiding the single biggest mistake sciatic sufferers make.

Give us a call at 208.205.9559, or stop by our conveniently located Ponderay clinic, Kauai Therapy & Wellness, at the North Idaho Medical Village.

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