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Pend Oreille Arts Council's Starry Soiree: A Gala of Glittering Artistry

Join the Pend Oreille Arts Council for an enchanting night of creativity, cuisine and charisma

By Damen Rodriguez

August 25

Step right up, art aficionados and patrons of poesy! Brace yourselves for a dazzling and delightful event, a soirée for the senses, as the Pend Oreille Arts Council (POAC) proudly presents its Art Party, an exquisite gala to elevate and celebrate the creative cadence in our community!

On Friday, August 25, as the clock strikes five, the Sandpoint Organic Agricultural Center will metamorphose into a celestial canvas adorned with stars, beckoning all to partake in this illustrious fundraiser. A night that glitters and glows, where stars aren't just overhead but all around—thanks to the stars of the artistic realm gracing us with their presence.

Culinary connoisseurs, prepare for a feast to titillate your taste buds, courtesy of the masterful chefs from Ivano's! The gourmet dinner shall dance upon your palate, like brushstrokes upon canvas, a symphony of flavors that shall leave you awe-struck and hungry for more! At the no-host bar, libation lovers shall find their utopia, with cocktails, wine and beer flowing like poetic verses, pouring creativity and courage into every soul present. Imbibe and inspire, for as the spirits rise, so does the artistic tide! Hold your breath, as live entertainment takes center stage, enchanting with enigmatic performances that intertwine art and artistry, like a ballet of beauty and brilliance. Mesmerizing musicians and captivating performers will orchestrate an opus of artful allure that transcends time and space.

Yet, there's more magic in store, as the auction comes alive! A trove of treasures, a cornucopia of creativity awaits the discerning bidder, each piece an opulent opus, an ode to the arts. Silent or live, these gems shall find their way into your possession, as you support the quest for excellence in art.

But who orchestrates this artful alchemy, you ask? None other than the maestro of creativity, the dexterous director, Tone Lund, whose passion for the arts is a beacon, guiding the way for POAC, nurturing talent, and sowing seeds of imagination across Sandpoint and beyond.

So, brush off your best attire, don your most expressive accouterments, and let the Art Party ignite your artistic ardor! Join us, one and all, for a night where the arts reign supreme, where creativity is crowned, and the spirit of solidarity sings! Let us come together as a constellation of creators, illuminating the cosmos with our boundless passion for the arts!

For more details and to reserve your spot amongst the stars, visit Let us unite in support of this stellar cause, for together, we shall paint a brighter tomorrow for the arts!

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