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Light Speed Internet With Ting Internet in Greater Sandpoint

Ting Internet

Light Speed Fiber Internet in Greater Sandpoint

Seamlessly work and play with Ting Internet

By Jillian Chandler

Serving the Sandpoint community since June of 2018, Ting Internet guarantees its customers light speed fiber internet for seamless work and play.

Ting currently provides service to approximately 3,000 addresses throughout Sandpoint, Dover, Ponderay and Kootenai, Idaho. Unlike traditional cable internet, which transmits data through copper-fiber hybrid wiring that is prone to corrosion, fiber internet is made of glass fiber, the size of a human hair, that transmits information using light beams, resulting in infinite capacity.

At Ting, they believe fiber internet is the future and a way to help future-proof the communities they serve. In the Sandpoint area, Ting offers three packages: 1000, 200 and 50 megabits per second (Mbps). “Our most popular package provides both download and upload speeds of 1,000 megabits per second for $89, which is ideal for smart homes, marathon TV streaming and gaming on all your devices,” shares Kari Saccomanno, marketing manager, Greater Sandpoint. The 200 and 50 Mbps packages, $69 and $39 respectively, also provide symmetrical speeds along with the same reliability and great customer service as the most popular package. Even better, all Ting Internet packages come with unlimited data.

“Choosing fiber to the home also allows students to complete their assignments and those who work from home to do so without the struggles of traditional cable internet,” smiles Kari.

Whereas traditional cable internet is typically installed as a shared network with neighbors, Ting installs fibers directly into a home or business. Operating this way ensures fiber internet customers do not share bandwidth, which guarantees high speeds and service reliability. Those with conventional cable internet are prone to experience slower speeds and buffering during prime hours, such as after-school hours. “We believe humanity should be at the core of everything we do. It’s why we always try to connect customers with real people to help address any challenges,” states Kari. “Leading with humanity and as a genuine part of the local community is crucial to bringing high-quality, critical infrastructure and internet choice to any community. We invest in our communities and strive to become true partners in every market we operate and are proud to support local good works in Sandpoint.”

Ting has worked with the Panida Theater to help them meet their Century Fund Campaign Goals, supported Sandpoint High School by gifting a computer lab, and continues to sponsor a variety of local organizations throughout the year.

In addition, to show their appreciation to their loyal customers, Ting hosts customer appreciation parties each quarter, as they believe that their customers are their most important asset. This year, they hosted a “Frozen” event at the Panida, where 250 adults and children were able to join Ting and its employees for a night of family fun and a networking event for local businesses.

Are you ready to make the switch from traditional cable internet to light speed fiber internet? Sign up for Ting Internet today and get an unlimited talk, text and data mobile plan carried on the Verizon Network—all for as low as $49. Plus, with additional devices at just $10 per line, you can bring the whole family along.

Ting Internet - Greater Sandpoint, ID

Sandpoint, Idaho


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