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Home of the Bulldogs

Fun Fact Sandpoint Highschool

Today as you drive by Division Street, the home of the Sandpoint Bulldogs stands out proud and much larger than its predecessor.

The original Sandpoint High School, opened in 1922, was home to generations of high school students, and also where the Sandpoint Bulldogs started their story, before a new high school was built and the old one transitioned to house several small businesses and the Sandpoint Events Center.

Originally just named the Sandpoint High School football team, the team earned their mascot and name in 1932 during practice, when a toothless white bulldog named Pat started coming to watch the team play. It stuck, and our Sandpoint Bulldogs have gone on to make the community proud.

A one-time Sandpoint Bulldog named Jerry Kramer, who graduated in 1954, even went on to play as an offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers from 1958 to 1968.

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