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For the Love of Snow in Sandpoint

Annual event embraces the winter season Brought to you by the Bonner County Historical Society & Museum

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Some people avoid the cold winter precipitation that collects several feet deep on the ground. But in Sandpoint, not only do people tolerate the snow, they celebrate it. Every year in the month of February, there is a week dedicated to cherishing the winter months. All events reflect the embrace of our northern living lifestyle in every way possible, such as a warm glowing light parade, flying snow and beer at the K9 Keg Pull, ski races, and more. When the Winter Carnival started in 1964, others took notice and joined the giant winter party in Sandpoint. In 1965, around 400 college students from about a dozen schools gathered in Sandpoint to compete in ski races at the new ski resort called Schweitzer. In these early winter carnivals, other events included the Christmas Tree Bonfire at City Beach, snowmobile races, and snow sculptures. This town knows how to have a good time in rain, snow, or sunshine.

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