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New business ready to meet your excavation and construction needs By Jillian Chandler

Timber and Stone Excavating

Aaron Snyder’s career in excavation and construction began early in life. Growing up in Libby, Montana, Aaron does not remember a time he wasn’t working alongside his dad, a log-home builder, either constructing homes or running heavy equipment. Little did Aaron realize that the skills he gained would one day help him start his own family owned business here in Sandpoint, Idaho.

With a penchant for getting into trouble in his teenage years, Aaron sensed deep down that he was headed down the wrong path. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the Army in 2002, in search of a sense of purpose and adventure outside of his small town. Upon completing his training, Aaron was stationed in the 1st Infantry Division in Germany and then ultimately deployed to Iraq in 2004. Aaron reenlisted from 2005 to 2009, and went on to serve two more tours of duty in Iraq. Aaron recalls that in spite of the challenges he had to overcome, or rather because of them, he learned many valuable skills during his military service including self-discipline, strong work ethic and integrity. “The opportunity to serve in the military and be part of something so much bigger than myself, without a doubt, changed me for a better man,” affirms Aaron.

After returning home to civilian life, Aaron met his now-wife Hilary, who was also born and raised in Montana. The two married a year later. Aaron continued to work alongside his father building log homes, until Aaron ultimately accepted a job in 2011 working in North Dakota in the oil fields. For the next decade, Aaron was a superintendent and heavy equipment operator, running machines such as excavators, bulldozers, front-end loaders, graders, skid steers, backhoes and compactors. In 2021, Aaron transferred to California to install bio-gas lines. He was the specialist who was called in when trenches had to be precisely dug within an inch of a live pipeline. Hilary recalls praying for his safety when he would embark on this dangerous work, because of the high risk of flash fire or explosion. By this time, Aaron and Hilary’s family had grown to include four children, and they longed to be back north. Hilary’s large extended family had moved to the Sandpoint area from Montana, and the Snyders quickly fell in love with the area when they visited. They made the move to Sandpoint in the summer of 2022, and that October, they co-founded Timber & Stone Construction and Excavation.

Serving the greater area of Sandpoint, including Ponderay, Sagle and Kootenai, Timber & Stone Excavation and Construction primarily specializes in excavation, such as digging foundations, building roads, installing septic systems and water lines, and more. In addition, they offer remodeling and construction services, and during the winter months, they provide snow removal and plowing. “There is nothing better than seeing a client’s face light up when the job is done and their property has been transformed into something wonderful,” declares Aaron. “I love taking a blank slate and turning it into my client’s dream or helping create their dream home.”

An overwhelming sentiment Aaron hears from his customers is that it is difficult to get other companies in the building industry to call back or to even show up for a job. At Timber & Stone, Aaron and his team believe working hard, paying attention to detail, and providing exemplary customer service is the only way to do business. Since moving to Sandpoint and starting his business, Aaron appreciates that Sandpoint is a small town where relationships matter. He’s enjoyed getting to know the people and is thankful to be a part of the community, owning his own business, and having the opportunity to raise his family here.

If you have an excavation or building project, and are looking for someone who is reliable, trustworthy and experienced, Aaron Snyder is ready to take your call or email today to get you on the books. Timber & Stone Excavation and Construction 208.610.1486

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