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Don’t be Spooked by the Sandpoint Train Depot

Brought to you by the Bonner County Historical Society & Museum

Sandpoint Idaho fun fact

Sandpoint is a town of old and rich history. Some old buildings still standing are considered to have lingering residents.

The Sandpoint Train Depot, built back in 1915, has had many souls await a train on its platform; some believe that a few never left and have seen them still waiting. Other than being one of the oldest structures in Sandpoint, there is something else very special about it.

You will not find another Gothic-styled railroad depot in all of Idaho. Gothic architecture is best described as tall and pointed, and is featured in the grand artistry of many castles, churches and universities all over the world. You can see the distinguished artistic Gothic style of the Sandpoint Train Depot in its pointed arch windows accented with stone spheres.

Visit the Sandpoint Train Depot and admire this special architecture. You may be visited by ghostly travelers; it is nearing Halloween, after all.

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