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Community Minded

Community Minded

Photo courtesy: Owen Aird.

Considered a foodies’ paradise, it’s no wonder The Culinary Stone is a perfect place to gather with family and friends to shop, eat or attend one of the many classes they offer. Originally opened in November of 2013, the 5,500-square-foot gourmet heaven was dreamt up for and by those with a serious passion for the culinary arts and gathering of community. The owner, Sandy Volkar, says that they “wanted it to be a place for culinary enthusiasts of all levels.”

Filled with food, wine and affordable quality kitchen gadgets from all over the world, The Culinary Stone is more than just a stop on the errands list; it's about coming and having an experience and taking something away with you.

This unique destination is popular by many as you can explore the culinary treasures, shop and enjoy a bite to eat. “The goal is to be able to continue to build upon what we have started,'' states Sandy, “to provide an exceptional customer experience and culinary environment for the whole community.”

Plan to spend some time when you stop in, as this isn't your typical in-and-out shop. The Culinary Stone is a palatable paradise that will take time to traverse through all its many offerings. The fixtures inside have stories on how they came about being part of the creation as well. When they began envisioning the interior of the space, they believed in repurposing items found from all over the area and making them useful again.

While you're visiting, be sure to stop in at the deli and enjoy a gourmet sandwich complemented by a glass of wine or beer. Offering top-quality Boar’s Heads meats and locally sourced cheeses and breads, the flavors all ring an ambrosial tone of a high-quality sandwich but with a reasonable price tag. Or stop in the café for some pastries and a golden latte.

Dealing with local farmers and suppliers, this grass roots-minded company will continue to be a staple in the Idaho and Inland Northwest community for years to come.

The Culinary Stone

Coeur d'Alene at Riverstone 2129 N. Main St. 208.277.4116

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