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Happy to Help

Happy to Help

“I really love accounting,” smiles Will Crook. “For us, there is no greater reward than helping folks really understand their numbers, enabling them to do better and giving them the freedom to live life and enjoy the benefits of this incredible community.”

Will, the owner of his namesake business Will Crook CPA here in Sandpoint, has been in public practice since 2003, beginning in Western North Carolina. He relocated to Sandpoint in 2015, serving a prominent local manufacturer as their controller. After two wonderful years, Will’s heart brought him back to what he loves—passionately serving clients as a CPA, opening his office in the Powerhouse building in Downtown Sandpoint in the spring of 2018.

“What’s not to love about bean counting?” Will replies when asked about what inspired him to get into the field, adding, “Accounting and tax, by extension, is simply a way of efficiently measuring the position and performance of organizations and people.”

At Will Crook CPA, they are “in love” with today’s cutting-edge online accounting applications. “We love to serve business owners and individuals who really enjoy having an interactive relationship with their CPA; people who look to manage their financial life ever more efficiently so they can grow and really understand their financial and tax position—not just once a year but all year,” says Will.

Additionally, they will be rolling out an innovative new service to manage and organize the financial responsibilities of families with aging parents.

“Happy to Help” is the motto at their office, and they believe that is the reason they have always succeeded. “We truly are happy to help,” says Will. “We still have many of our clients from Western North Carolina. Why did they stick with us after our move to Sandpoint and a two-year break? Simple—we take great care of them using awesome tools and applications that make it irrelevant where we are physically located.”

According to Will, every business has its own unique vibe and character, and public accountants are no different. “We know that to survive, every firm must do a great job for their clients,” he says. “It all works when the CPA really ‘clicks’ with their clients. There are some really outstanding firms here in Sandpoint, each with our own individuality.”

Will Crook CPA advocates for their clients, pushing them to adopt new technologies to better serve the company and their customers. And as Will says, “Our clients love doing business with an accounting firm that truly is ‘happy to help.’”

Long before he made the decision to become a CPA and serve the community directly, Will proudly served his country as a lieutenant (Surface Warfare) in the United States Navy, later promoted to lieutenant commander while serving in the reserves. His active duty was spent aboard the USS Downes (FF-1070), an anti-submarine frigate home ported in San Diego, California.

Today, in addition to his accounting practice, Will serves on the board of three local not-for-profits and is a happy member of the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce.

“With each day, we love this special little place and the people who call it home more and more,” says Will, who is also a pilot, boater and skier. “Where else can you find the majesty that’s right here in North Idaho?”

With tax season upon us, if you are looking for a reliable, experienced, trustworthy and friendly certified public accountant, look no further than Sandpoint’s own Will Crook.

Will Crook CPA

120 Lake Street, Suite 305

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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