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Christina Horton has always enjoyed preparing and eating good foods, but it wasn’t until a series of events that her passion for quality food and clean eating manifested itself, not only into her home life, but professionally as well.

It began when her father was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after, Christina’s young son received an Autism diagnosis. With all of the treatment advice she was given, Christina decided to start researching on her own and was surprised to find that most diseases begin in the gut, which in turn needs to be healed in order for these conditions to begin their own healing process. Christina immediately put her family on a very restrictive diet, spending hours in the natural grocers and specialty stores searching for the right ingredients, then preparing and cooking healthful meals at home.

She soon realized the limited options available when it came to dining out while trying to maintain their healthful diet. “I was looking to pick up something to eat for my family that was comparable to the same quality ingredients I might get at home; where I didn’t have to worry about what was hiding in our food.”

Then she discovered Grabbagreen®. “I knew it was something I needed. It is something we all need; healthy food on the go that can accommodate our modern lifestyle.” This was the beginning of a new endeavor.

Christina and her husband and partner Ben opened Coeur d’Alene’s Grabbagreen® this past November. A national franchise with deep roots invested in each local community it inhabits, the restaurant incorporates locally sourced food whenever possible. Ben and Christina have been inspired to fix the broken food system and connect people with their local farmers. Grabbagreen® is enabling them to do just that. And the local community is eating it up.

“There is a wonderful awareness in this area of the way we need to eat for healing or maintenance. It seems Grabbagreen® is a perfect fit to Coeur d’Alene.” She adds: “Grabbagreen® has been incredibly well-received by those who have found us. We are a healthy alternative to fast food with no bad choices on the menu, and we can accommodate many dietary restrictions.” And, she and Ben are excited to be the first Grabbagreen® with a hydroponic system to grow their own food on site!

The menu features 100-percent whole foods, which are prepared fresh daily in house. Items are gluten-free using non-GMO ingredients. A majority of their offerings are organic—70 percent of their signature dishes are designed to be organic. “I am honored to be part of the change in making fast food healthy,” says Christina.


North Coeur d’Alene

405 W. Neider Ave. Ste. 108


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