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Tips for Tasters

Tips for Tasters

The Spokane wine scene is truly a remarkable one. With more than 30 wineries, those looking to enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting have many choices. Once you’ve decided on the winery or tasting room you will be visiting, be sure not to spoil the wine experience by inhibiting the true boldness and flavors of the wines by breaking any of the following rules.

Yes, many women love to wear makeup, and the icing on the cake is applying that new lipstick you bought just to wear to your special day of wine tasting with the girls. Well, don’t! Lipstick, lip gloss or balms will taint the flavors of the wine.

We all want to smell good before we leave the house, but take note, any artificial scent will interfere with the fragrance of the wine, so it is important not to spray perfume or cologne or to apply scented lotions, as this can overpower the unique fragrance of the wine.

Fresh breath is important to all of us, but skip the gum and mints before a tasting, as their flavors will detract from your ability to taste the wine. In fact, winemakers have hinted that they won’t brush their teeth the morning they are tasting to see if their wine is ready to bottle!

Do not rinse your glass with water between pours. Wine diluted by wine is far less disturbing to the overall taste than a water dilution.

Be sure to drink plenty of water between tastings, especially if tasting at various wineries throughout the day. This will of course keep you hydrated, but it will allow your taste buds a chance to rest up before the next tasting.

Many tasting rooms provide a tasting card to their customers. It’s recommended you follow this tasting card, as the winemakers know best how to present their products to allow the finest sampling.

If there is a wine during the tasting that you simply don’t enjoy, it is OK to dump the remaining wine from your glass. Move on to the next sampling and continue to focus on the overall experience.

Remember that many of our local wineries do not sell their products in retails markets. If you find a wine that you enjoy, buy a bottle. There is something truly romantic about popping the cork on your new favorite bottle of wine when it comes with the great memory of how you found it. Salut!

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